North River Alliance Secures Funding Through the GLA Affordable Housing Programme

The NRA is delighted to announce that we have secured £15.7million to build 105 homes.

It’s a massive success for the NRA and shows the power of a consortium such as the NRA. By submitting a combined bid between ISHA, Gateway Housing Association, Hornsey Housing Trust, Shian Housing Association, North London Muslim Housing Association and Barnsbury Housing Association we not only secured funding but have the option to bid for more funding from the GLA further down the line. The option for more funding is important as it could help NRA members deliver their ambitions of a further 100 homes over the coming years.

Euan Barr, CEO of Horsney Housing Trust said:

"We are delighted to have secured GLA funding for its commitment to more social rented homes for older people in Haringey, working as we do in an expensive location with significant need. The North River Alliance demonstrates the real value that small, community-focused organisations can deliver working in partnership. Long may it continue to thrive!"

We had already identified the sites in Barnsbury, Islington, Waltham Forest, and Haringey where we wanted to build, and now, thanks to the funding, planning is underway. The first build is due to start this financial year, and construction on all sites will start by March 2026 at the latest. The homes will be a mixture of Social Rent, London Living Rent and Shared Ownership.

Working Together

The North River Alliance is a successful development partnership of locally based housing associations in North and East London.

Our development teams work together to provide high quality, sustainable homes, which meet the needs of our local communities for affordable homes. Our local focus allows us to respond and adapt to changing housing markets and funding opportunities.

The Alliance was established in 2004 and is led by Islington & Shoreditch Housing Association: there are now 12 member housing associations meeting a variety of differing housing needs.

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